Welcome in Tomatistan !!


Welcome in Tomatistan !!


Dear Asylant,


I hope you can a little bit English, so as I

and I hope you understand this when you look on it with your smartphone

Now you are in Tomatistan !!

Congratulations !!

the official name of Tomatistan is “ Löffingen „

but everybody in the region calls it Tomatistan

because of the very good tomatoes they have in their plant house


I want to give you some tips for your integration in Tomatistan

and I want to show you the most important things and persons



this is the leader of Tomatistan

linkhe is member in a brotherhood of radikal christian Jews

and member in a organisation to support Israel

but he cares for you and he wants to help you

go to him and say  “ Hello „


this is the house of the leader of Tomatistan

teletubbies haus

the people of Tomatistan call it “ Führerhauptquartier “  or  “ Rathaus „

there you get all the papers you need

go there and say “ Hello „

but don`t forget to take enough money with you

no, this is not corruption like in your homeland

the people in Tomatistan call it  “ Verwaltung “  or  “ Genehmigung „



this is the bankster of Tomatistan


he was the former leader of Tomatistan

he knows everybody and everything about money

when you need some money you must go to him

if he likes your visage you can get millions of Euro

if not it can be difficult …



this is the advocat of Tomatistan


this might be the most important man in Tomatistan for you

when you raped a woman or fucked a child you must go to him

he protect you from prison or he gets you out again when you are in

he is a special advocat for rapers and childfuckers

you will find no better one

people in Germany call it  “ Rechtsprofessor „

he cares for rapers and childfuckers and want to help them

go to him and say  “ Hello „

it is better for you to know him before the police knows you



this is the destructor of Tomatistan

ro3the people in Tomatistan call him  “ Reichsbauminister “  or “ Stadtbaumeister „

he waste all the money by building things nobody needs

don`t go to him and say  “ Hello „

he is afraid of people

one day this man will be in prison or in the madhouse

then they need a new “ Stadtbaumeister “ in Tomatistan

this is your chance !!   –   take it !!

you can become Stadtbaumeister of Tomatistan even if you are a complete idiot

try it !!   –   it`s easy !!

Good Luck !!



this is the parlament of Tomatistan


the people in Tomatistan call them “ Abnicker “  or  “ Gemeinderat “ or  „ Beratungskörper

they all voted for your beautiful refugees camp

go to everyone and say  “ Thank You „

every Abnicker in Tomatistan has a big house with many rooms

may be he gives you a room so that you can live in his house

they are good people, no Nazi or AFD

go to everyone and ask for a room

here are all adresses and  phone numbers : gemeinderat1gemeinderat2gemeinderat3gemeinderat4gemeinderat5gemeinderat6

you can become Abnicker in Tomatistan even if you are a complete idiot

this is your chance !!  –   take it !!

all you have to do is to find enough other idiots that vote you

try it !!  –  it`s easy !!

Good Luck !!



these are some women of Tomatistan

bauchtanzbauchtanz löffingenbauchtanz

when they are not dancing on the street they are in the  “ Fitnesstudio „

go there and say  “ Hello „

they like orient dance and they like you

Good Luck !!



this is the culture of Tomatistan

löffinger hexen

don`t be afraid !!  –   they are playing !!

no, this is not a burka what they have on

the people in the region call it  “ Häs „

there is a man inside, not a woman

go to him and say  “ Hello „

Good Luck !!



no, this is not a execution by ISIS

it is funny !!   –   they are playing !!

no, you can not play with them

it is a game only for aborigines



this is the recycling center of Tomatistan

IMG_1936may be you can clean up this place sometimes

you should do something positive for the people of Tomatistan

most of them work hard to pay everything for you



this is Germany in the year 1945

germany 1945

Millions of Germans worked hard for 70 years to create a new place

this new place seems to you like paradise

now you come to this new place and get everything for free



these are some women in Syria


may be you should go home and help them fight for a better life

and may be after war you should help them create a better paradise than Tomatistan …


at the end :

very important !!


Find your own truth !!

and play this fucking loud …

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